Strategy, Performance & Risk

Leaders in public, private and not-for-profit sectors are continue to be frustrated when strategic intent does not materialise.  The Practice’s strategic performance framework provides leaders with  assurance that strategic intent, firstly, is sound and relevant, assures that it is understandable, attainable and sustainable, and critically, that the cause and effect of real actions, outputs and outcomes materialises.
Turning aspiration or obligation into desired/required outcomes is a factor of Strategic Intent, Focused Plans and Relevant Controls.  Elements requiring critical management include:

  • The lucidness and meaningfulness of the strategic intent for stakeholders (which include staff).
  • What resources and capabilities are necessary to attain and sustain the aspiration?
  • The fitness for purpose of control frameworks to monitor and manage variation?
  • The risk and therefore the alterations necessary to the operating attributes of the organisation, to enable rather than inhibit aspiration achievement?
  • The implications for the organisation if the strategic intent is achieved?

The Canberra Consulting Strategy, Performance and Risk Practice are engaged with the logical side organisational performance, enabling clients to define, build and operate for desired performance.  The Practice is supported for the Human Resource dimension through our Canberra Consulting Change Management Practice.

The Practice recognises that performance does mean something quite unique for each individual organisation or program.  Drawing on years of industry experience spanning public, private and not for profit organisations, and large transformation programs within those organisations, the Practice employs world best practice, refined with those years of hands on coal face experience.