Organisational Change Management

Canberra Consulting maintains a dedicated business unit that specialises in the delivery of organisational change management services to the public sector. Our practitioners are experienced and accredited by PROSCI and Change Management Institutes.  We maintain our own change management methodology that has been developed from several years of successful software development experience specifically within the APS environment.

Our change management methodology is used to help govern change management activities in the event where an organisation doesn’t already have a preferred approach to managing IT-led business transformation. We maintain a comprehensive library of supporting templates that have been developed through several years of public sector involvement that are available wholly or in-part as required. As active members of the APS change management community we are able to provide our staff, and by extension our clients, access to the most recent industry knowledge and expertise on organisational change approaches.

Our organisational change management professionals are activity involved in managing major change initiatives within the APS. In many cases our people have been trusted advisors in their various area of expertise for several years, recognised as invaluable members of the operational areas they represent.  Depending on the particular client need we are able to provide change professionals with proven experience in:

  • Information technology systems upgrade
  • Finance and enterprise resource planning
  • Strategic human resource management (including mergers and rationalisations)
  • Business and health informatics
  • Operational integrity
  • Communications

If you would like to hear case studies from our experiences with recent public sector change initiatives, please call us on 02 6230 4700.