Financial Services

The financial management consulting practice offers our people to solve your problems, to initiate new concepts, and deliver your requirements.  The practice provides consultants for finance and accounting services, and business management duties (refer Our service lines). 

Our operating culture:

  • To deliver and draw a positive learning on each assignment.  We value knowledge transfer, the free flow of ideas, and innovative operating acumen;
  • We measure our success on our client’s attainment of new knowledge; 
  • Our practice is led with perspicacity (a deep understanding and insight) of parallel or related circumstances, enabling enhanced operational ability;
  • We value our Big 4 background, the mentality and professionalism of on-time client delivery;
  • We hire senior people, professionals with an average of 10 years of solid financial management service. Ten years of experience, not 10 lots of one year experiences;
  • We operate in a fast paced environment and our professionals are provided the freedom to operate flexibly, to agilely meet your requirements; and
  • Our financial management consulting services cross the threshold to business operations (we deliver beyond the finance section).

Our service lines:

Our consultants perform a range of duties - all of which fall under the ambit of any corporate or government based CFO.  Our consultants can fill finance section positions on a temporary basis (contractor staff), or be engaged for any of the services line areas listed below. 

Examples of completed assignments by our consultants have been listed below under Our Consulting Examples.

Service lines include:

  • start-up assistance for new corporates, agencies, or projects;
  • governance framework development, compliance and review;
  • business and financial performance analysis;
  • costing exercises;
  • pricing and profitability reviews
  • financial control and reporting;
  • financial statements – preparation/ pre-audit checks/ audit services;
  • management accounting;
  • general accounting and financial accounting assistance;
  • asset management;
  • government assurance based services
  • strategy documentation/ business planning;
  • policy and procedure development and documentation;
  • system design and documentation;
  • business process improvement;
  • internal audit investigations;
  • investigative work including forensic accounting and quantification exercises;
  • due diligence – corporate and government (AAOs and MOGs); 
  • mergers and acquisitions assignments, consolidations, prospectus preparation; and
  • litigation accountant services.

Our consultants strive to be flexible, to adapt and change to the variety of clients we service.  We work with different people on different government and corporate assignments, bringing constant new ideas and concepts to our client base.  We value the formed relationships, the deeper understanding and insight of your business, and the transferred knowledge and insights from each business assignment.  Our Practice Partner drives our culture and approach to client delivery, premised on Big 4 background, CFO experience with an innovative, fluid, fast paced corporate entity, an MBA qualification, and attention to detail drawn from audit/ M&A work/ and due diligence reviews.

Our Consulting examples:

Examples of consulting work performed (outside of temporary staff provided to fill finance section roles):

  • Asset FMIS update/ redesign to allow business performance reporting by income generating unit February 2010;
  • Charge-out model for pricing government business entity services – April 2010
  • Financial statements audit personnel provided for the DPS audit 30 June 2010;
  • Financial statements audit personnel provided for the DCCEE audit 30 June 2010;
  • Business Plan financial forecasting for National Arboretum Canberra April 2010 – November 2011;
  • IT Strategic plan provided to Department of Land & Property Services November 2010;
  • Asset policy and procedures investigative workpaper (client undisclosed) – March 2011;
  • Procurement procedure documentation for ACT Property Group March 2011;
  • End to end Work Order system design – from Call Centre, through call management, to financial processing and payment (client undisclosed) April 2011;
  • Fringe benefit review for +300 personnel at Airservices Australia – reconciliation between subsidiary ledgers May 2011;
  • Financial statements audit personnel provided for the Medicare Australia audit 30 June 2011;
  • Financial statements audit personnel provided for the ANPHA audit 30 June 2011;
  • Financial statements personnel provided for preparation of the TAMS FSs 30 June 2011;
  • User manual documentation for system changes – ACT Property Group asset management system March 2012;
  • Strategic operational plan developed for ACT Government business entity April 2012;
  • Financial statements audit personnel provided for the FaHSCIA audit 30 June 2012;
  • Financial statements personnel provided for preparation of the Australian Sports Commission FSs 30 June 2012;
  • Strategic asset management plan developed for Geoscience Australia March 2013;
  • Financial due diligence procedures for potential merger (client undisclosed).